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DAVANI, a made-to-order luxury home furnishings brand, was established in 2020 by Anthony Davani, bringing a refined level of craftsmanship and innovation to home furnishings. Forward-thinking, organic and contemporary, DAVANI designs are achieved with transformative fabrication of natural materials and a mastery of centuries-old hand craft techniques. DAVANI Bath & Spa is a comprehensive suite of elegant bath fixtures: sinks, tubs, vanities, lighting and tiles.


Available in a choice of seven natural stones, DAVANI’s bath selection includes sinks, tubs, and vanities. Designed by Italian architect Silvia Spagnoletta, in partnership with DAVANI co-founder and Creative Director Anthony Davani, these organic modern pieces embody beauty and elegance in sleek suites that bring a soothing calm to your space.

The PARALLEL B210 is a rectangular tub in a choice of natural stones with accents in wood or metal. It is offered with or without concealed storage and an optional headrest.

MERIDIAN WVS is a modular, wall-mounted, basinless vanity offered in a choice of stones. Each module may be specified with a smooth honed finish or the signature line-etched detail, with the same choice for the top. The remarkable basinless design offers the ultimate in minimalist luxury. A floating shelf is a great optional complement to this vanity. The shelf and the inside of the cabinets are available in laminates with wood effect.

Stone Tile

With patterns and shade variations, marble tiles have a unique look. Cool, rich and elegant, marble tile provides timeless appeal to the home. Marble is a natural stone that is quarried off mountainous parts of the world. It is sought after for its elegance, beauty, and overall style.

Travertine tiles bring a sense of luxury to the home. Known for its uneven or chiseled qualities, travertine looks gorgeous in traditional, modern and historic homes.  Available in tans, beiges, greys and off-white hues, travertine’s shifting tones bring an earthy look to interiors without overwhelming them. Travertine tiles are also low maintenance and with care, can last decades, an effortless choice for indoor or outdoor spaces, from the kitchen to bathrooms, and from garden pathways to swimming pool decks.

Granite tile continues to be popular with consumers looking to upgrade their homes. Durability and resistance to stains, spills, and damage make them easy to maintain. With classic elegance and ease of wear, granite continues to reign supreme in the world of interior design because of its stylish look and practical durability.

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