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With over 30 years of experience in the stone industry, Claybrook specializes in combining the finest materials with an innovative approach to design, uniting the quest for physical balance and beauty with a truly British understanding of quality and craftsmanship.

Wall Hung Basins


The handsome Apollo basin with its striking back-splash, takes inspiration from traditional industrial basin designs.


The Deck basin, with its integrated shelf, is both space saving and practical.


With its contrasting geometric forms, the Ayla basin is sure to make a statement.


It doesn’t get simpler than our Jura basin. Let the minimalist form speak for itself with this pared down design.

Molded Stone Bathware


With gently curved sides, the organic lines of the Ellipse bath envelop you. Ever-popular in luxury hospitality projects, the Ellipse bath is at home in any interior.


The chic Soho bath has been thoughtfully designed for the space-constrained contemporary urban interior without sacrificing comfort.


Suited to both contemporary and traditional interiors, the refined form of the Skye bath embodies the concept of pared down design.

Hand Crafted Marble Basins


Clean lines and a streamlined design showcase the beauty of the material.


Touch transforms a rough and irregular boulder giving it a sense of weightlessness. Designed for use either as a countertop basin or mounted atop the Touch plinth.


Organic yet geometric in form, the Echo basin is at home in any interior.


MarbleForm is the sustainable, eco-friendly material that Claybrook has developed to reimagine the possibilities of stone craft. The impact they have on the environment matters to them. That is why they have developed the patented molded stone technology. MarbleForm is produced by using reclaimed stone leftover from the production of Claybrook tiles. This is then combined with hi-performance resin and color pigments. Using the latest injection molding techniques they can form anything from classic bath and basin designs to custom pieces that were previously unimaginable. Emission-free and 100% recyclable, MarbleForm demonstrates Claybrook’s commitment to a sustainable and innovative future.

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