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Cambria is the leading family-owned, American-made producer of quartz surfaces. Melding impeccable production standards with an unbridled passion for masonry, Cambria transforms quartz into stunning surfaces that bring depth and light to any space they inhabit. Cambria’s quartz surfaces come in an array of colors and patterns to match spaces, styles, and preferences, and are backed by an industry-leading fully transferable lifetime guarantee.

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Cambria Spotlight

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In this video, Clara describes how Cambria manages the entire process from mine to install, ensuring quality and sustainable practices every step of the way. She also gives a tour of the PIRCH Monogram displaay in Costa Mesa, demonstrating the depth and dynamic integration that Cambria surfaces have to offer.

Salt Lake

Cambria’s The Coordinates Collection features 14 surfaces designed to enhance any space. The line is the product of a collaboration between Cambria and the world-renowned Gensier Design Firm, bringing Gensier’s reputation for innovative aesthetics to the brand’s passion, artistry, and stonework. 

Brittanicca Block

In line with a brand-wide commitment to sustainability and low environmental impact, Cambria’s Recycled line offers four designs, each constructed out of pre-consumer recycled stone and content certified by SCS Global Services for quality, integrity, and conservation.


Dedicated to creating brilliant surfaces designed to blend in, and yet stand out, each Cambria piece is meticulously engineered to fit, bringing life and texture to new and pre-established spaces. Cambria is a brand that can be imagined across kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces alike, creating rooms that demand to be noticed.

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