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Beko is Europe’s number one appliance brand, bringing over 60 years of innovation and quality into the home. What started as a regional brand has expanded to an international force in home appliances, blending European design and environmental consciousness to create energy-efficient products that look great and enhance the lives of their loyal customer base.

The brand’s American line features products engineered with American lives and contexts in mind. Beko’s appliances bring the brand’s long history of technological excellence and innovation into the American household by offering a full suite of products designed to inspire.

At PIRCH, we believe in the same qualities as Beko: Premium products, healthier lifestyles, better living.

Beko Spotlight

The heart of the Beko brand is innovation and inspiration. Their products combine the latest technology with a goal to help consumers live a better, healthier, and more intentional life

Beko is an international brand that brings global expertise to the American appliance market. Their US products are specially created with American realities, interests, and lives in mind, offering home appliances that make life easier, better, and more efficient. 

At Beko, conservation is at the core of everything they do. Their energy-efficient products are engineered to have a light environmental footprint. Beko allows its customers to be powerful on chores while remaining gentle on nature.


Energy efficient, flawlessly designed, Beko’s refrigerators give you top preservation quality in a package that will enhance the overall look and feel of your kitchen. 

IonGuard eliminates odors and prevents odor transfer between foods, keeping your fridge scent-free and your food tasting exactly as it should. 

Beko’s EverFresh+® and Active Fresh Blue Light technology keep your food fresher, longer, and your refrigerator cleaner.

With automatic ice makers and two separate cooling systems, Beko built-in refrigerators give you ample storage room and take up half of the space of more traditional ice maker units. 


Beko’s washers and dryers are small yet powerful. With space-saving designs, the brand’s units can accommodate extra-large loads while preserving the spatial integrity of your home. 

Cleaner clothes should ever come at the cost of a clean environment. Beko’s laundry appliances use less energy and less water featuring sustainable technology making your daily routine a bit more green. 

Allergen and Hygiene+-enabled washers and dryers give you a better clean and kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and allergens. Cleaner, safer, Beko.

Beko’s washers and dryers clean clothes faster with less noise and vibration, allowing you to get a thorough clean without distracting noise pollution. 


Beko dishwashers use ProSmart Inverter Motors, motors which are 2X quieter than standard motors, offering a serene clean every time. 

The Tall Tub WiFi Connected Carbon Fiber Dishwasher from Beko is the world’s first chemical-free, odor-removing dishwasher. The odor-removal technology allows you to safely open your dishwasher without risking a whiff of two-day-old fish or last night’s garlic-filled feast. Chemical-free means that your home is cleaner, safer, and less toxic. 

Wondering whether your dishes are clean or dirty? With Beko’s status indicator light, you can easily assess where your dishes are in their cycle at one glance.


Beko’s ranges feature dual power burners and pre-set cooking programs to give you the perfect meal, every time. 

With Beko’s Fingerprint-Free Stainless Steel Wall Oven, you never have to worry about fingerprints distorting the look and feel of your oven. This oven also features a large window so that you can check on your food without opening the oven and releasing critical heat. 

Gas, electric, induction, Beko’s cooktops encompass it all. Like all of the brand’s products, Beko’s cooktops allow for ultimate control over your food, which means faster, hotter boils, and slower, deeper simmers. 

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