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Bain Ultra

Bain Ultra combines technology and art to create bathing experiences that defy expectations and push boundaries. The brand maintains a passion for seeking out innovative solutions inspired by the lives they impact and touch. Bain Ultra tubs are made from carefully sourced materials selected for feel, aesthetic, and sustainability to fit your space. With a range of models and finishes to choose from, this brand offers a rare opportunity to curate your own bathing experience, and at PIRCH, we are all about the freedom of expression that this brand allows for.

Bain Ultra Spotlight

Designed to stun, engineered to soothe. Bain Ultra tubs offer the latest in relaxation and bathing technology in a gorgeous package that will enhance the look and feel of your bathroom.

Bain Ultra is backed by a team of craftsmen who obsess over every detail, material, and surface that goes into your tub. Over 70% of each bathtub is crafted by hand, offering a unique centerpiece for your bathroom that’s crafted to impress and built to last.

Bathing is meant to be the ultimate source of comfort in your day. Bain Ultra tubs feature ergonomic designs and come with elements like molded head, arm, and footrests; heated backrests; and bars make it easier—and safer—to get in and out of the tub.


Bain Ultra offers six distinct therapies to enhance your self-care rituals, making health, relaxation, and wellbeing accessible right in your bathroom.

In Bain Ultra tubs equipped with hydro-thermo massage, powerful air jets deliver a therapeutic acupressure-based massage that hits trigger points throughout the body, reducing muscle tension, soothing stress, and supporting the elimination of toxins.

GEYSAIR® by Bain Ultra is included in all ThermoMasseur baths and creates a unique feeling of being wrapped in warmth and comfort. Inspired by the warm water spouting from a geyser, GEYSAIR® uses strategic air streams to keep your bathwater at a consistently stable warm temperature. No cooling off prematurely or having to get up to readjust temperature throughout your bathing experience.

Bain Ultra’s Chromatherapy-enabled baths use six colors of light (blue, violet, red, orange, yellow, and green) to inspire positive physical, mental, and emotional changes and transformations.

Aromatherapy is world-renowned for its ability to transform your physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Bain Ultra offers aromatherapy options in all of its baths, using diffused essential oils to enhance the relaxation and healing properties of their tubs.

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