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AXOR conceives and manufactures iconic objects for luxury bathrooms. Developed in collaboration with world-renowned designers—Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Jean-Marie Massaud and Barber Osgerby among them—the AXOR’s bath collections feature products in a wide variety of styles for the washbasin, bathtub and shower; alongside a comprehensive range of bathroom accessories for a comprehensive design throughout any space. AXOR kitchen faucets ensure effortless ease of operation for all who appreciate the art of cooking, from amateur gastronomes to professional chefs de cuisine. Throughout it all you’ll find design and engineering brilliance, seamlessly blending performance with beauty to achieve perfection.

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Take a look at the new AXOR display in our beautiful newly remodeled bath gallery of our La Jolla showroom.

The AXOR MyEdition faucet body is crowned by a replaceable, rectangular cover plate, available in a choice of one of eight luxurious and sophisticated materials. Developed with painstaking care, crafted with masterly precision and tested under extreme conditions, each plate is unique.

Inspired by the French tradition of arts decoratifs, AXOR Edge explores the world of perfect finishing. Designed as a sculpture, every fitting is an impressive composition of right-angled prisms. Ground and polished with diamond tools from the space industry, every single body shines like a jewel with surfaces of incomparable smoothness and milled structures that are precise to the micrometer.

AXOR’s iconic designs result in products that are sophisticated while unobtrusive, elegantly blended into spaces to realize a complete look. Their concealed installation technologies perfect this, offering a simple unified solution for easier planning and freedom of choice in a space.


AXOR One is the essence of simplicity. With the new Select configuration, the faucet establishes a new mode of interaction: Press down on its all-in-one controller to start or stop the water; swivel clockwise to increase the temperature. The action is effortless, intuitive and ultra-precise, and this same inventive design thinking characterizes the entire collection.

With balanced proportions and elegant geometries, AXOR Citterio is suited to any bathroom ambience. It comprises an exceptionally wide range of products and options, including faucets in different handle styles—pin, cross handle, original lever handle and a new lever handle that is even more precise, intuitive and easy to use. As an option, the new lever handle is available in a luxurious 3D surface pattern.

The AXOR Universal Circular Accessories program reflects the AXOR passion for highly functional, expertly crafted design objects in the bathroom. Compatible with a wide range of AXOR faucets and shower products, the program helps to ensure a design language throughout the bathroom.

Timeless by design, AXOR Starck evokes the primitive hand pump, humanity’s earliest means of drawing water. Encasing an ultra-slim cartridge to regulate the flow-rate, the iconic single-lever faucet consists of two cylinders – one a vertical base, the other a diagonal spout – crowned by a choice of pin or feather handle. Simple, rational, reduced to the essential, the faucets are adaptable to any bathroom décor.


AXOR kitchen faucets bear the hallmarks of the world’s best designers. With the innovative capacity of AXOR. Such as the Select operating technology. An example of the latest technological advances. Excellence in the kitchen. Perfection.

The dignified grandeur of the Belle Époque spa. Well-being as a way of life. AXOR Montreux draws from this source, with design details that include slip-fit pipes and porcelain inlays. The faucet features an optional pull-out spray with dual settings. The Semi-Pro variant boasts a signature stainless steel coil and all-round swivel range.

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