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Artos began in 2004 as a family owned company having emigrated from England the previous year. The European background & partnership with factories in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy has influenced the Artos style – clean & minimalistic. With a dealer network established across America, we are committed to providing the decorative plumbing industry with stunning products and outstanding service. New and exciting products are constantly being added and Artos is becoming an integral part of the supply chain for wholesale distributors, an essential showroom piece for retailers, a trusted source for designers and a treasured possession for homeowner.

Artos FAQs

What makes Artos faucets unique in design and functionality?

Artos offers beautiful, high-quality fixtures crafted with inspiring design. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re also practical. They work in harmony with other elements in your space to meet your physical needs.

How do I choose the right Artos bathroom accessories for my home?

Start by looking at the rest of your home. What style do you gravitate toward? Narrowing down your aesthetic preferences can help guide your design direction when it comes down to choosing fixtures, and other key elements of your project. Artos Collections are organized by various design styles to make it easier to narrow down your selection.

Are Artos products environmentally friendly?

Yes. All Artos faucets are made with solid brass internal components, steel or brass bodies, and ceramic cartridges for optimal longevity and recyclability. Also, Artos manufactures most of their plumbing fixtures in Italy, meaning they have fewer freight miles and a lower carbon footprint. This also means they have much better visibility in terms of raw materials sourcing and ethics, further enhancing the sustainability of their products.

Can I find replacement parts for Artos faucets at PIRCH?

Yes. Valves and replacement parts are available at PIRCH.

What warranty does Artos offer on its products?

Artos products are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship with a lifetime guarantee.

How do Artos products enhance bathroom aesthetics?

Bathroom faucets are an important part of overall bathroom design. Faucets do for bathrooms what jewelry does for a great outfit – they are the finishing touches that can pull the whole look together, which means that the style and finish you select can have a big impact on the overall design.

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