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Amba’s heated towel racks provide your bathroom with a stylish and functional upgrade – step out of the shower and into a warm, fluffy towel! Hang up wet towels to dry quickly and efficiently, sparing your bathroom from that damp, moldy smell while reducing the need to wash towels as frequently. Amba was founded to make these opportunities affordable and convenient in the states: to take heated towel racks from a lofty luxury to a practical upgrade to the modern American home.

Amba Spotlight

Heated towel racks are a great addition throughout the home. Enjoy always-fresh and comfy towels whenever you step out of the bath, add one to your laundry room to safely dry jeans or more delicate items, or to a mudroom to dry off wet suits and bathing suits after a dip in the pool!

Amba offers a range of collections to suit different styles, with a wide selection of finishes and sizes to find just the right fit for your space. Complete the package with a range of accessories, like bathrobe hangers, programmable timers, and Wi-Fi switches that let you control your heated towel rack from your phone.

Amba’s products are front and center in energy conservation. Their heated towel rack collections provide efficient heat and yet, they use minimal energy to operate. Depending on the unit and its location, Amba heated towel racks consume roughly the same amount of energy as a few light bulbs, and accessories such as timers and digital heat controllers make it easy to maximize energy savings.

The versatility and portability of the Solo freestanding towel warmer collection is second to none. Whether it’s in a laundry room, bathroom, or by a hot tub, the lightweight Solo can be moved from room to room and plugged into any standard outlet.


These Heated Towel Racks are filled with a water/glycol mixture. A heating element heats the liquid which then heats the bars. As the liquid warms, it rises, heating the unit from the top down until the entire rack reaches its maximum temperature. This takes longer to heat compared to a dry-element system, but is more energy efficient and has a replaceable heating element.


Also known as ‘cable-heated’ systems, these Heated Towel Racks have a resistance wire running through all horizontal and vertical bars. During operation, the wire gives off heat which is transfered to the bars and then the towels. These units heat up evenly and quickly in about 10-15min. All include on/off switches and some even allow precise temperature control.


Not to be confused with liquid-filled models, hydronic units connect to an open or closed loop system and has hot water running through the unit. This is the same way traditional ‘radiators’ function — there is no electrical connection to heat the bars. The heat output of hydronic units will depend on the temperature of the water. Amba provides the option as a special order for some select collections.

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