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Alfresco was founded to advance the outdoor cooking and dining experience, offering open-air culinary systems that bring out the life, energy, and flavor of your favorite foods. At PIRCH, we love helping customers discover the difference that intentional outdoor cooking can make in their daily lives and routine. From burgers with family to pizza and seafood with friends, Alfresco grills honor the centuries-old tradition of gathering with community and fostering human connection over an outdoor hearth, fire, or stove. You live so much of your life indoors, Alfresco and PIRCH invite you to get outside and immerse yourself in food, nature, and connection.

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Alfresco Spotlight

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Take a quick tour of this new outdoor kitchen display at our La Jolla Showroom. Alfresco grills have a built-in smoker tray with its own burner so you can control the smoking effect separate from the cooking. They also have accessories that allow you to cook with charcoal, a griddle, and deep fryer.

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Watch as our Chef Maria cooks an al fresco breakfast on the Alfresco grill. She makes candied jalapeno bacon, grilled peaches with yogurt and raspberries, and deep-fried French toast using the various cooking functions of this versatile grill. Click here to view this recipe and more.

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Chef Kimberly introduces you to the Alfresco grill featured in this beautiful outdoor kitchen completely from PIRCH.

Alfresco grills are constructed of high-grade stainless-steel that is guaranteed to withstand the constant outdoor use your grill is sure to get. They all are equipped with hybrid cooking systems that allow you to grill, roast, and even smoke practically every type of food.

The optional infrared Sear Zone™ burner provides extra heat for quick sears giving your steaks that distinctive steakhouse result.

Replace one grate with the drop-in cooker that allows you to blanch, steam, fry, or broil anything from fried chicken tenders and onion rings to mussels, clams, even lobster.

Built-Ins and Carts

Alfresco grills come in sizes from 30” to 56” wide. The 30” – 42” sizes are available as built-in grill heads or on-carted models.

Alfresco grills fit in seamlessly with any outdoor kitchen cabinetry. You can take your Alfresco grill from backyard accessory to the centerpiece of an outdoor kitchen. Try pairing your Alfresco grill with our outdoor cabinetry brands Moya Living or Urban Bonfire.

Specialty Products

The Versa Power™ cooking system offers an unmatched heating range from 400 to 65,000 BTUs of power to cook low and slow or flash frying. The unique, specially designed super heavy-duty spider grate can handle the smallest of saucepans up to 100-quart stockpots. With numerous options to expand its versatility, it is the perfect complementary appliance to complete your outdoor kitchen.

The Alfresco Pizza Plus is built to be the most versatile and highest-performing gas-fired oven in the world. The material, design, and manufacturing process revolves around creating a uniquely high-performing oven that preheats in 15 minutes and can reach extremely high temperatures, allowing you to bake, roast, iron-skillet sear, and of course, cook perfect 3-minute Neapolitan pizzas.

An Alfresco side burner is the perfect complement sitting next to your grill for boiling, heating, and simmering anything you need to put into a pot. Built from all commercial stainless steel with heli-arc welded seams, the side burner features two high-performance burners with electronic ignition. The recessed top and stainless steel cover offer protection from wind and elements. The Sear Zone™ side burner is a ceramic infrared searing system in a convenient, self-contained unit.

Artisan by Alfresco

Three U-shaped main burners provide 20,000BTUs each for powerful and even heat. An optional sear zone burner provides intense heat for searing without flare-ups.

Artisan grills are all constructed of 308, 18-8 stainless steel that is hand-welded with no mechanical fasteners, so your grill will withstand the elements and years of use.

Their robust grills come in a variety of sizes and can be matched with several specialty units like a Versa Power burner – or their Artisan Pizza Oven, which preheats in 15 minutes and can reach over 900ºF allowing you to bake, roast, iron-skillet sear, and of course cook perfect three-minute Neapolitan pizza.

Locked-in-place ceramic briquets with a pyramid shape deliver intense, even heat to cooking surface. To clean, just flip the tray over and fire the burners on high with lid closed.

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