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For over a century, AGA has been bringing life to the kitchen. They understand the importance of home, family, friends, good food, and know that our homes have to work harder than ever before. It’s why they created an AGA cooker for every stage of life. From first homes to forever homes, there’s an AGA for every cook and every kitchen.

Beneath the design values of every AGA range cooker lies a heart of cast-iron. Ready to cook whenever you are, with no switches and dials to master, every classic AGA cooker is engineered to take care of itself for generations to come.

AGA Classic Ranges

AGA Classic ranges cook using gentle, radiant heat to retain the food’s natural goodness and flavor. The heat steadily radiates through the ovens and hotplates, creating dedicated cooking zones at pre-set temperatures for ease, convenience and stress-free use. Radiant heat cooking is an altogether gentler process than the fierce hot air of conventional ranges, and is the reason AGA cooking preserves more of the food’s moisture, flavor and texture.

Achieve flexibility when cooking a range of dishes, through the four settings in the baking oven and the five settings in the roasting oven, as well as the long, slow cooking in the simmering oven.

With the versatile Classic Cast Iron cooktop hotplates, you can boil, grill, simmer, stir-fry, even make toast. The stainless steel insulated covers contain the heat when they are brought down over the hotplates, and protect them when they are turned off.

The fully electric eR7 is everything you love about the classic AGA Cast Iron range, but with the ability to turn each cooking area on and off.

R7 models have ovens that are on all the time but with hotplates that can be switched on and off as required, saving energy and heats up in 10-12 minutes.

Mercury & Elise Ranges

AGA also offers more conventional ranges in two styles with their Mercury and Elise collections. Every Mercury & Elise Range feature a multifunction oven with seven settings including true European dual-convection cooking, fan-assisted baking, browning, thaw and serve function, and more, as well as your choice of induction or cast-iron dual fuel cooktop.

The Mercury Range is known for its bold design, contemporary details, zero-clearance façade, and mod-style cooking controls. It is truly a statement piece in any luxury kitchen.

Rustic yet refined, the Elise blends old and new in masterful ways, both fresh and timeless, with just a hint of the exquisite. Complimented by stunning cruciform knobs with knurling, available in a selection of versatile hardware finishes.

With the 48” models, three separate ovens can cook as little or as much as you want. It features a 7-Mode Multi-Function Oven and a second extra-large, true European convection oven. The Glide Out Broiler System with Full Broil and Half Broil mode provides complete coverage.

AGA has always believed color to be a key ingredient in the decades-long success. Now they have added five bold new hues to its existing Classic Color Collection, as well as unveiling the new Soho Color & Design Series, consisting of a stainless steel fascia and eight expressive shades inspired by the vibrant London arts district in which the collection takes its name.

Hoods & Dishwashers

Elegant and powerful, AGA rangehoods provide optimal ventilation and style to any kitchen. Available in 4 stunning designs, 14 expressive colors, 5 exquisite trim options and in both 36″ and 48″ models.

These beautifully crafted dishwashers feature quiet-sound insulation technology and a wide variety of settings that deliver superior cleaning performance. Optimized spray arms shoot water from five angles to thoroughly clean dishes and silverware.

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