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The unique and versatile EVO grill is known as the “Swiss army knife” of grills. Its flat cooking surface is fashioned from a single piece of seasoned cold-rolled steel to provide a cooking surface much like a cast iron pan. You can grill burgers, hot dogs, fish, steaks, and anything else you’d cook on your conventional grill. And, you can place pots and pans on the surface just like your indoor kitchen cooktop.  You can even bake on this grill just like you would in your oven. The grills come on a 304 stainless-steel cart, or can be built into an outdoor kitchen island. This grill is so much fun when you entertain! People love to gather round and watch the chef do their magic. Even if you have a grill you love already, adding an EVO into your outdoor kitchen allows you to greatly expand the menus you can serve outdoors.

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EVO Grill Spotlight

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Brighten your entertaining this holiday season with a few fun recipes from our PIRCH chefs. In this video, NBC The Morning Show News Anchor Sara Sanchez joins Chef Kimberly in our Rancho Mirage showroom to make a wonderful meal of smoked potatoes, squash, and lamb chops all on the EVO grill.

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Watch Chef Kimberly show off the versatility of the EVO grill by making a delicious American brunch of Salmon, Grilled Romaine with Avocado Cesar Dressing, and Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberry Compote – all at once on this one grill.

You can cook almost anything on an EVO. The 2 concentric burners provide various cooking temperatures on the same surface, allowing you to cook multiple items at once.

EVO grills are designed to complement any outdoor kitchen. All EVO products can be incorporated into new or existing outdoor cooking set-ups and, with stainless steel exteriors, work with any aesthetic you can dream up.

The steel surface of the EVO grill can be wiped off easily (like the Japanese restaurant chefs do), and grease drips into a trough and is trapped in a container that can be removed and even put into your dishwasher.

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