10 Holiday Hosting Essentials


The holiday season is right around the corner. We know, we can’t believe it either! The holidays are a joyous time filled with festive gatherings, delicious food and quality time spent with loved ones. We all look forward to Thanksgiving dinner, the annual company Christmas party, or a lively New Year’s Eve soiree. But for the host or hostess, coordinating these get-togethers requires a great deal of time, effort, and preparation. It can be stressful and overwhelming trying to cook multiple courses to perfection simultaneously, while also making sure your guests are entertained with a beverage in hand.  Thankfully, we’ve pulled together a list of some of our favorite holiday hosting essentials that can help make entertaining a breeze this year.

The Zip Water HydroTap

10 Holiday Hosting Essentials Zip Water HydroTap

Did you know that you can get instant boiling, chilled, & sparkling filtered water from one faucet? It’s possible, with the incredible Zip Water HydroTap Faucet. The Zip Water HydroTap is the world’s most advanced drinking water system, providing you with instant access to all the water you need in your kitchen. So, whether you need boiling water for your mashed potatoes, sparkling water for a festive cocktail, or a sip of fresh filtered water to cool yourself off, you’ve got it all from one faucet at the touch of a button.

It can be added to your existing kitchen as well as new construction and remodels. Not only does this system deliver on convenience, it also reduces the use of plastic by eliminating single-use bottled and canned water – all with a style that makes it as attractive as it is effective.

Watch as Chef Kimberly creates a Holiday cocktail using the amazing Zip Water HydroTap.

The Dometic MoBar

10 Holiday Hosting Essentials Dometic Home Mobile Bar

If you’re in sunny Southern California and plan on hosting your holiday party outdoors, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bring the bar outside? Well, you can, with the Dometic Home MoBar. The Dometic Home MoBar is the ultimate mobile bar for your outdoor living space. Professionally graded with a timeless state-of-the-art patented design, it doesn’t compromise style for functionality or convenience, allowing hosts and their guests to socialize outdoors without ever missing a moment.

The MoBar is built to last. Made from commercially graded 304 stainless steel, it can withstand all weather conditions and even the most crowded festive occasions. Aluminum anodized handles, soft closing hinges, heavy duty wheels rotomolded insulation, smart compressor technology and triple isolated glass door all add to the durability of this state-of-the-art outdoor mobile bar. A premium product for a premium experience.

LG Styler

10 Holiday Hosting Essentials LG Styler

Imagine… amidst all the holiday party planning craziness, you realize you forgot to take your outfit to the dry cleaners. If you’ve got an LG Styler, you don’t have to worry.

The LG Styler offers a dry cleaner-quality clean within the four walls of your home. With the Styler, you can wash plush toys, bedding, and clothing with the power of steam. Since steam is more hygienic than regular water and is much gentler on your clothes and accessories, this means you get a better clean that helps you keep the things you love longer.

Watch as Josh from LG and Erika introduce you to the innovative LG Styler.

Miele G7000 Dishwasher

10 Holiday Hosting Essentials Miele G7000 Dishwasher
10 Holiday Hosting Essentials Miele G7000 Dishwasher

One very common, and often unwanted result of a holiday party is the cleanup. When you’re burnt out from the party at the end of the evening, it can be overwhelming staring at a pile of dirty dishes. Luckily there’s an incredible dishwasher on the market that can do the work for you, and do it incredibly well. Introducing… the Miele G7000 dishwasher.

Miele G7000 dishwashers can do things ordinary dishwashers can’t. The innovative AutoDos system with PowerDisk® technology always dispenses the optimal amount of detergent. For the perfect synergy of cleaning, drying and gentle handling, achieving perfect results.

The M Touch display is innovative and visually appealing. You can control it easily, quickly, and intuitively by tapping or swiping the control panel.

No matter where you are – with the Miele mobile app using MobileControl, you can put your G7000 dishwasher to work at any time. So, when you’re relaxing on the couch at the end of the night, you can get the dishes started with the touch of a button. And thanks to AutoStart, you have the additional option to program your dishwasher to automatically start at one or several pre-determined times.

Gaggenau Combi-Steam Oven

10 Holiday Hosting Essentials Gaggenau Combi-Steam Oven
10 Holiday Hosting Essentials Gaggenau Combi-Steam Oven

If you want to wow your guests with professional chef-worthy results in the kitchen without the culinary degree, you may want to consider choosing Gaggenau for your kitchen. Gaggenau products are known for their innovative technology, durable materials, bold lines, ease of use, and lasting craftsmanship.

Developed in 1999, the Gaggenau 400 Series Combi-Steam Oven was built on one simple idea, creating professional results with ease. This extraordinary appliance encourages you to not only perfect your steaming, but also braising, baking, browning, broiling, gratinating, sous-vide cooking and even juice extracting.
Another benefit of the Gaggenau Series 400 Combi-Steam oven is that it offers the versatility of a steam oven without the hassle of maintaining a water tank. It is plumbed so there is no need to add water manually.
The door is available hinged on either side and swings wide out of your way. It features a fully automatic cleaning system and a push-to-open handle-less design. The one-touch control panel and interactive visual display are simple and easy to use.

Play Video

Watch as Skyler from Gaggenau highlights 5 reasons to consider a Gaggenau combi-steam oven when designing your kitchen.

The Galley Workstation

10 Holiday Hosting Essentials The Galley Workstation

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to prep, cook, clean, serve and entertain on one workstation rather than multiple areas in your kitchen? You can do all of that and more with The Galley Workstation. The Galley was created to make life in the kitchen easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable. A whole new category of kitchen appliance, the Ideal Kitchen Workstation is the ultimate culinary system.

  • In your Galley, you can chop, strain and mix easily and ergonomically to prepare a meal and efficiently transition to cooking with a cooktop nearby.
  • Using various Serving Boards, quickly and conveniently transform your prep and cook station into a serve station or set out drinks and hors d’oeuvres to create an ideal entertain station.
  • Contain the mess within your Galley and clean throughout preparing, cooking, serving, and entertaining! Consider adding a separate WashStation™ to easily isolate the mess.
  • Prepare a meal and efficiently transition to cooking with a Galley near a cooktop. Essential Culinary Tools are kept in the Workstation, always ready for use.
  • Quickly and easily turn the Prepare Station into a Serving Station. Create the ideal entertaining spread with the versatile Culinary Tools and Serving Board.
10 Holiday Hosting Essentials The Galley Workstation
10 Holiday Hosting Essentials The Galley Workstation

Alfa Brio Pizza Oven

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Pizza ovens are known for….well, pizza. But many don’t know that you can cook so much more than just pizza in a pizza oven. One of our favorite pizza ovens on the market that offers this type of culinary versatility is the ALFA Brio pizza oven.

ALFA produces beautiful and easy-to-use pizza ovens for both indoor and outdoor kitchens. Entirely made in Italy in their plant close to Rome, all models are suitable for baking, grilling, roasting and stewing.

So during your holiday party this year, you can cook your turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie all inside the ALFA Brio pizza oven. Watch as Chef Kimberly shows you how quick and easy it is to make the perfect margherita pizza at home in the ALFA Pizza Oven.

Irinox Blast Chiller

10 Holiday Hosting Essentials Irinox Blast Chiller
10 Holiday Hosting Essentials Irinox Blast Chiller

If you forgot to chill the wine you’re serving at your holiday party, you can use the Irinox Blast chiller to do it in just twenty minutes. The Freddy by Irinox is the first blast chiller made for domestic use, with an essentialist design that’s appealing in any kitchen.

Another reason to consider this product is for food preservation. You can triple your food’s shelf life by blast chilling it before storing it in the fridge. Irinox’s blast chillers rapidly lower food temperature to 37ºF, quickly dropping through the range where bacteria can proliferate. This is ideal for preserving the quality, fragrance, colors, and aromas of food. This means you can enjoy the leftover pumpkin pie longer this year.

Irinox’s blast chillers also offer a shock-freeze cycle, which rapidly takes the food to 0°F at the core. The result: perfect preservation, with stored frozen food thawing exactly as it was when fresh.

Check out our blog post for more information on modern innovations in food preservation.

EVO Grill

10 Holiday Hosting Essentials EVO Grill

We all know how difficult it can be cooking multiple dishes simultaneously on different appliances throughout the kitchen. Luckily, there’s a special outdoor appliance on the market where you can cook everything on one surface at the same time.

Touted as the “Swiss army knife” of grills, the EVO grill is one of the most unique and versatile outdoor appliances on the market. It features a flat cooking surface, fashioned from a single piece of seasoned cold-rolled steel to provide a cooking surface much like a cast iron pan. You can cook almost anything on an EVO. The 2 concentric burners provide various cooking temperatures on the same surface, allowing you to cook multiple items at once.

You can grill burgers, hot dogs, fish, steaks, and anything else you’d cook on your conventional grill. And, you can place pots and pans on the surface just like your indoor kitchen cooktop. You can even bake on this grill just like you would in your oven. The grills come on a 304 stainless-steel cart, or can be built into an outdoor kitchen island.

Even if you have a grill you love already, adding an EVO into your outdoor kitchen allows you to greatly expand the menus you can serve outdoors.

Brighten your entertaining this holiday season with a few fun recipes from our PIRCH chefs. In this video, NBC The Morning Show News Anchor Sara Sanchez joins Chef Kimberly in our Rancho Mirage showroom to make a wonderful meal of smoked potatoes, squash, and lamb chops all on the EVO grill.

Bain Ultra Bathtub

10 Holiday Hosting Essentials Bain Ultra Bathtub

At the end of your big holiday event, you’ll need to de-stress from all the hard work and reward yourself with a relaxing bath. One of our favorite brands leading in bathtubs for wellness, health, and overall relaxation is Bain Ultra.

Bain Ultra offers six distinct therapies to enhance your self-care rituals, making health, relaxation, and wellbeing accessible right in your bathroom.

In Bain Ultra tubs equipped with hydro-thermo massage, powerful air jets deliver a therapeutic acupressure-based massage that hits trigger points throughout the body, reducing muscle tension, soothing stress, and supporting the elimination of toxins.

With a range of models and finishes to choose from, this brand offers a rare opportunity to curate your own bathing experience, and at PIRCH, we are all about the freedom of expression that this brand allows for.

For more information on wellness innovations in bathtubs, check out our post Bathtubs for Wellness.

The holidays are the “most wonderful time of the year,” but holiday hosting can be such a stressful and arduous process. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering with friends or having the entire extended family over for Thanksgiving dinner, we hope these 10 Holiday Hosting Essentials help you master your holiday hosting duties, and get you through the festive season with peaceful ease.

For more information on these products or brands, or to see them in person, visit a PIRCH showroom near you.

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